National Ice Cream Cake Day

National Ice Cream Cake Day

Everyone knows that there is a National Ice Cream Day, and a National Cake Day. But there is a National Ice Cream Cake Day. This day celebrates the combination of both these delicious treats.

It is essential to understand the history of National Ice Cream Cake Day. Each of the two components of this delicious combination have their own stories that, just like a good romance, will eventually come together to create an amazing story.

Although ice cream and cake were likely created before the New World was settled by Europeans. Ice cream cake is now more popular in the United States than Australia.

Ice cream has a history that goes back over 1500 years. It originated as an icy, milky confection that was loved by the Tang dynasty’s emperors. Many consider the original recipe for milk-based sorbet to have been created in the middle 1600s.

Originating from ancient times, the earliest form of cake was more bread-like in appearance and sweetened with honey. Cake as we know it today, made with refined flour, baking soda, and sugars, was not invented until the middle of 19th century.

Baked Alaska, a relative to ice cream cakes, was invented in 1867 and named after the American acquisitions of Alaska. This dessert is similar to an individual ice-cream cake. It has sponge cake and ice-cream, but it’s topped with meringue, then baked.

Ice cream cakes can be eaten at birthdays, graduations and other celebrations. They can be made from layers of icecream with real cake or layers of icecream with actual cake. Or the layers can be shaped into a “cake” which can then be decorated with icing or whip cream. Sometimes, unique flavors are added such as brownie crumbs, sandwich cookies, brownies, or candies.

There are a few ways Ice Cream Cake Day can be celebrated and observed in deliciously unique ways.

Ice cream cakes are not only for parties, birthdays, or anniversaries. You can make them for any day you feel is worthwhile, like National Ice Cream Cake Day.

You can find delicious ice cream cakes at many different ice cream shops in the United States and around the world.

It can be fun to make ice cream cakes at home. Make sure you have enough freezer space! Although you can make an ice cream cake by yourself, it’s much more fun to have a few friends to help out.

Make sure to gather all the ingredients, including the ice cream in your chosen flavors, the cookies or cake crumbles for the crust, caramel sauce or hot fudge, the whipped cream and decorations such as colored sprinkles.

Combine the cookie crumbs and melted butter. Place in a layer on the bottom of the pan. Freeze for 15 minutes. Layer softened icecream on top of the cookie dough and freeze for another 30 minutes. Pour the caramel sauce or hot fudge over the cookie crust and freeze for 30 minutes more.

Sprinkle colored sprinkles on top of the frozen concoction. Spread homemade whipped cream over it. You are free to decorate the frozen concoction in any fun and festive way that you feel is appropriate for National Ice Cream Cake Day.

Reese’s peanut butter cup, Oreo and mint chocolate chip are all classics, but this is a great opportunity to experiment with ice cream cakes flavors.

Share some happiness and joy with your coworkers by bringing an ice cream cake to work and sharing it with them during lunch or coffee breaks. National Ice Cream Cake Day is sure to become a workplace tradition, even though most people don’t know it exists!


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