National Independent Retailer Month

National Independent Retailer Month

Walmart and Target are convenient. They offer so many of the items we need at one location, and they have the best prices. There is another section of local commerce that gives us a sense of home and helps to support our local communities.

Independent Retailers are our friends, neighbors, and families. Whether they run the local corner store that supplies gas for us, or the one who brings us the finest in cheeses, National Independent Retailer Month reminds us to support them.

Clare Rayner (known around the globe as “The Retail Champion”) established National Independent Retailer Month to encourage local communities to work with local retailers in order to keep local money local. As big-box companies take over, they are threatening the culture and communities of smaller businesses. Independent retailers face significant difficulties because they are unable to sell the vast array of services and products, or to buy in large quantities, which can lead to higher prices.

They can only survive if they have the support of their communities and the loyalty of those people to their local businesses. Millions of dollars in revenue have been returned since the creation of National Independent Retailer Month. People are now shopping locally and sharing the local feel they get by shopping with their neighbors and friends.

National Independent Retailer Month gives you the opportunity to support your local community. The dream of small business remains alive despite big box stores trying hard to make it disappear.

There are many ways to celebrate Independent Retailer Month, but the best is to get out and shop at local shops and farmers markets. You don’t need to buy honey from a distant apiary. Instead, you can get it from your local beekeeper.

You can get milk fresher from local dairy farms. And you know that all that money stays in the local community, helping preserve the local flavor.


Jul 01 - 31 2025


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