National Internet Day

National Internet Day

Internet access is available everywhere these days. It can be accessed via phones and tablets as well as our TVs and cameras. Wi-Fi can be accessed from anywhere these days, including from public transport to your local McDonald’s. The world shrinks every day because of it. National Internet Day celebrates the culmination of computing technology and how it has connected all of our lives.

Two computers were used to transmit the first letters that were ever sent across the prodigal Internet, and they were “L” (or “O”) They had to restart to get the internet back up and running. Since then, we have been resetting our routers to maintain our beloved lifeline.

National Internet Day commemorates the date of the first ever internet transmission. It also celebrates the incredible series of world-changing events that followed. You can video-conference with people all over the globe. The information is stored and transmitted at incredible speeds between computers, friends, and family. Enhanced Reality is now a reality with Digital Overlays for real world items that seamlessly combine the worlds of the internet and the everyday world.

It is hard to believe that the first internet transmission was sent only months after Neil Armstrong walked onto the moon. The internet is already a little extraterrestrial. Video and communication are available to astronauts and space stations orbiting in low-earth orbit.

Start your celebration of National Internet Day with a visit to the original website. It is still online. It’s stunning! Take a look at the high-quality graphics. It’s stunning! No?

This was the internet at the time. It was how things were built and designed. The speed at which data could transfer was so slow that images were to remain a distant dream. However, they would soon be possible with rapid advances and other innovations that couldn’t be imagined at the time.

Next, go do your favorite activities, visit your friends, check out your favorite forums and take some time to reflect on how far the internet came in the years that followed. National Internet Day reminds us all that this incredible invention began with two letters, “L” and then “O”, before we were ever able to log in to trillions upon trillions of websites created by billions of users.


Oct 29 2024


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