National Introverts Week

National Introverts Week

Introverts may find it difficult to integrate into a society that values active participation and outgoingness. However, introverts can be a great asset to business and can make a significant contribution to the workplace.

Introverts may have perspectives that are not available to others. Often, introverts may feel pressured into acting more extroverted in order to fit in with society.

National Introverts Week is an effort to challenge the stereotypical views people have about introverts, and to help them see the many benefits that introversion can bring.

Matthew Pollard, author and host of Introvert‚Äôs Edge podcast and Introvert‚Äôs Edge, founded National Introverts Week. National Introverts Week was founded by Matthew Pollard, author of the Introvert’s Edge and Introvert’s Edge podcast. It aims to encourage introverts to not be ashamed to be themselves and to give them the chance to show them how to succeed in business and in life.

National Introverts Week celebrates introversion. It teaches people who don’t know introversion how it can help them succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Carl Jung, a psychologist who is still widely used today for his science of analytical psychology, popularized the terms introversion and extrovertility. These terms are used to distinguish the self by using the conscious and subconscious elements of a person’s brain, such as personality traits.

There is much debate about whether extroverts are more successful than those who are more introverted. This is because they are more outgoing and energetic, and thus are more valued by society. However, introverts are more likely to display the negative effects of their personality, such as their solidary and secluded nature. National Introverts Week aims to change those habits. It demonstrates how ambition doesn’t need to be limited to extroverts and how introverts don‚Äôt have to follow a set of rules to succeed.

This week, use this time to develop seminars for your school or business in the hopes of teaching people how they can idenitify their lives and careers. Your manager or coworker may be interested in new training ideas.

To find out if you’re an introvert or ambivert, take the Carl Jung test. Consider the positive effects each trait can have on your life, and think about how you can encourage them. Use #IntrovertWeek to share the holiday with others on your favorite social media sites.


Mar 20 - 26 2025


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