National iPod Day

National iPod Day

2001 is a year of boom in the portable electronics market. The CD player is the most popular personal music device. They didn’t know that the music industry was about to be shaken to its core, by a small computer company determined to change everything. The iPod is a portable and durable device that can hold all of your CD collection.

It cost $399 and was quickly purchased by wealthy music lovers to bring their entire collection together in one place. It was the first time that any song could be downloaded at a click. iTunes was released in January 2005. The music industry seized the chance to offer songs on a per-meal basis.

The iPod was equipped with these powerful tools and it was ready to make a difference in the world. Apple’s goals were met and exceeded, as demonstrated by history.

National iPod Day is a celebration of these events and a recognition of Steve Jobs’ ambitions. It was created to honor the achievements of his founder and the company he helped grow from a small computing company to an international electronics giant. The world was forever changed by the first iPod’s sale on November 10, 2001.

The National iPod Day celebration is about celebrating music’s rise as a constant and ever-present presence in our lives. If you have been an iPod enthusiast since the beginning, then get out your collection and spend some time savoring the many changes the iPod has experienced. Yet, much of the original design remains in today’s iPods.

You can also look through your entire music collection to find the songs that you first played and all the others that followed. Your iPod’s history is often your own history. The music you find on your device (thanks in large part to its huge capacity) marks the years of life with the song that represents your past. Are you still listening to those first songs? Are you still listening to them? How have you changed in the past days? Do you still listen to them?

The best way to celebrate is when you finally upgrade to the new device that you have been dreaming about. A new iPod can help you reinvent your musical self. You can get rid of songs that don’t represent you and update your music library with songs that define you.


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