National Jukebox Day

National Jukebox Day

Jukeboxes are an American tradition. Jukeboxes are most often associated with the 1950’s when greasers and cheerleaders gathered to jam out in a diner. Jukeboxes aren’t dead, even if you think so.

They have evolved and changed significantly since then to accommodate the convenience of smartphones, which has dominated the music business. You might be wrong if you believe that all public music has left is the DJ’s and dance clubs. Jukeboxes still exist and are alive and well. Let’s explore this national holiday by going to jukeboxes.

From the word ‘jukehouse’ or a ‘jook joint, which were early 1900s establishments where people gathered to drink and hear music, the term jukebox was born. Louis Glass and William S. Arnold invented the first coin-operated jukebox in 1889.

Jukeboxes have seen a lot of changes and growth from the 1930s through the 1970s. TouchTunes was founded in 2010 and revolutionized the vintage Jukebox by introducing touch screens and mobile apps that can interact with a user’s library.

TouchTunes declared National Jukebox Day a holiday in 2017. They have also created a TouchTunes Jukebox sweepstakes that allows people to share their jukebox memories with their app and allow them to play songs to win prizes.

This day was created to honor the classic jukebox and all the fond memories it has evoked for people of all ages. It also falls on Thanksgiving Day, which is when many people go to bars and restaurants to hear their favorite music.

Is there anything more nostalgic than tuning in to music that was made on vinyl and LPs before CD’s, DVD’s, and the internet took over all of the equipment used at every bar, restaurant, and club?

A jukebox can be purchased, but they are often expensive. TouchTunes is a better alternative. You can download their app to locate a TouchTunes Jukebox near you and start playing songs there.

You can use the hashtag #JukeboxDay to share your love for jukeboxes and follow TouchTunes via their social media sites. If you prefer the traditional jukeboxes you can still find your local 50’s restaurant and enjoy songs on their jukebox.


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