National Kale Day

National Kale Day

Enjoy the joy of kale and add a two-fer to your diet. National Kale Day is a great opportunity to learn about this nutritious and healthy vegetable that has grown in popularity over the years.

Find out more about Kale and celebrate National Kale Day!

Many people mistakenly believe that kale belongs to the lettuce family because of its green, leafy texture. It is actually a cruciferous veggie, which makes it more closely related with broccoli and cauliflower. Kale is a superfood that has been popular since the 2010s. It contains many compounds that are good for your body.

Kale contains tons of nutrients like Vitamins C, K and Vitamins B. It also contains potassium, calcium, and zinc. This vegetable is definitely worth celebrating on National Kale Day, and maybe every day.

National Kale Day was founded by a chef as well as a doctor to recognize the many health benefits of kale. It also demonstrates how delicious and nutritious kale can be used in healthy meals. Through a petition, Dr. Drew Ramsey and Chef Jennifer Iserloh established the day.

Dr. Ramsey is also author of 50 Shades of Kale. Ramsey writes in the book that if everyone ate more kale they could save the world. This cruciferous, leafy, dark green vegetable is rich in nutrients and has many benefits.

These fun and healthy ideas are a great way to celebrate National Kale Day.

People who are passionate about kale should not have problems finding ways to include it in their meals and snacks. However, those new to kale may need to do some research in order to find the right recipes. You can start by purchasing fresh kale, then add it to soups or bake it for kale chips.


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