National Kazoo Day

National Kazoo Day

National Kazoo Day is a celebration of the rich history of the distinctive, buzzing music that only comes from the Kazoo! This unique sound is well-known to all ages and students. National Kazoo Day, a day to celebrate this buzzing little pipe full of madness, is your chance!

This uniquely American musical instrument was created in 1840. It was introduced to the world in 1852 as the “Down South Submarine” at the Georgia State Fair by Alabama Vest, Thaddeus Von Cllegg and the latter, a German-American clockmaker. This device was commercially produced 60 years later, when it entered the world made from the dully shining Silver of Tin.

The music of the Kazoo does not have any specific keys or tuning devices. Instead, it is created by humming into an instrument. This sounds like the original Kazoo, which was built on vibrations. There is a long history of instruments that alter the voice of the musician, and it’s not hard to believe.

Let’s start by buying a Down South Submarine for yourself! You can find these devices in a variety of materials, from plastic to tin. They also bring a new dimension to your musical life. You just need to hold the device in your mouth and hum your favorite tune, and you are good to go!

Begin a group of friends to introduce them the Kazoo. You’d be amazed at how much fun you can have with a new band of kazoo players, especially if they are surrounded by an unwilling audience. Introduce them to the amazing and grand Down South Submarine, whether they are willing or not. This is National Kazoo Day!

After you’re done humming your happy little hearts out, you can take some time to look up the history of this incredible musical development online. You could even make plans to attend one of the many events that are held across the country to celebrate this amazing little buzzbox’s dignity and history. National Kazoo Day allows you to bring joy to the world and create a buzz among your friends and family about this amazing instrument. Send boxes of these items to your friends who have young children. Your parents will be grateful!


Jan 01 - 28 2025


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