National Keto Day

National Keto Day

Modern society is obsessed with losing weight and living a healthier life. Some people opt to follow strict diets in order to lose weight. One of these diets has seen success and gained popularity over the years is the Keto Diet.

Keto Day was established to celebrate all things ketogenic. Get ready to celebrate and learn about keto!

In the late 1800s, a Londoner discovered the first known precursor of the keto diet. William Banting became obese after he realized he needed to limit his food intake.

Banting cut out sugar, bread, and potatoes from his diet and ate only small amounts of meat and vegetables. He didn’t know that this diet would result in him losing more than 50 pounds. He was so thrilled with his results, he decided to share them with everyone. He created a free booklet entitled, Letter on Corpulence: Addressed to The Public.

Although this diet was not keto-friendly, it was a start. This way of eating was mostly ignored by the medical community, until it was revived during the 1920s.

The ketogenic diet was originally developed by Russell Wilder, a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Although the idea of diets that included fasting from certain foods is not new, it was successful in controlling epilepsy at the time it was created in 1924. This was before anticonvulsant medication became available in the 1930s. The keto diet continues to be used for epilepsy control in children and other patients with pharmacological resistance, even after the introduction of anticonvulsant drugs.

The ketogenic diet was not popularized until many decades later. The National Keto Day was established by The Vitamin Shoppe in 2019 to educate and raise awareness about the ketogenic diet. Now is Keto Day, the day to celebrate this unique diet and learn more.

You can get involved with National Keto Day and connect in many interesting ways that will help you reach your weight loss goals. These ideas can help you get started.

National Keto Day can be celebrated by learning more about the risks and benefits of the keto diet and to consider whether it is worth trying. These are some important facts about ketogenic diets:

It doesn’t matter if you have been following the keto diet for some time or if you are just starting to get interested in it, it’s a great idea to invite your friends and host a Keto Day Party. There are many options for what you can serve as long as the food meets the requirements of keto.

You can try some of these recipe ideas or search the internet for more. You might have guests bring their own favorite keto dish to share so everyone has a chance to try it!

It may sound strange that a diet without sugars or carbs would be bland, but it isn’t! Many people have come up with delicious and amazing recipes since the revival of Keto Day. These are some great Keto Day recipe ideas.

The keto diet can be difficult because of the low intake of fruits and vegetables. It is important to take a multivitamin and minerals daily. This should be done every day, not just on Keto Day.

You can add to your daily multivitamin some additional supplements like Vitamin D, Magnesium and Omega-3 Fatty acids. To get the best results, consult a doctor for recommendations on what supplements you should take to support a ketogenic diet.


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