National Kid Inventors’ Day

National Kid Inventors’ Day

Even though children may not have as much knowledge about the world, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have ideas for useful and practical inventions. Many people believe that children can be creative because they don’t know the difficulties of many things and therefore are able to think more creatively than adults. Many of the things we use every day are actually inventions of children and teens. Their creativity is not worthy of recognition. We celebrate all those kids who dare to challenge the world and find better solutions than the adults.

People created Kid Inventors Day several years ago to recognize the accomplishments of young inventors and encourage creativity in children.

This day is not accidental. It marks the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, a renowned politician, polymath and child inventor. Many people are unaware that Franklin, at 12 years old, invented the first swim flippers in the world. This is a role model for any child who wants to make something unique. Other children have invent many other items that we still use today, including popsicles (a delicious accident!). The trampoline, ear muffs and the trampoline are just a few of the many inventions that children have made. Braille, the language for the blind used around the globe, is perhaps the most remarkable invention of a child. Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille, lost his sight in a tragic accident when he was three years old. He spent his teenage years learning Braille while studying at Paris’ National Institute for Blind Youth.

Ryan Patterson, an American teenager, invented a glove that uses special sensors to translate hand movements of American Sign Language into written words. This glove was almost 200 years old.

If you have kids, National Kid Inventors Day can easily be one of your most memorable and educational days. The possibilities that children have are limitless. Children can be as creative as they want to be. You may be living in the same house as Ben Franklin, who knows? You can also find many creative and productive ways to spend the day, like participating in a rubberband contest for young inventors. If you live near a museum, National Kids Inventors Day is a great day to bring your kids there to see all the incredible things that people have created over the years.

Whatever you do, make sure to spread awareness about the potential achievements of children and encourage them to strive for the stars.


Jan 17 2025


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