National Kidney Month

National Kidney Month

Two little beans shaped (or is it the beans themselves) are hidden deep within our torso. Organs that perform a huge job and are vital for our health. The Kidney!

It filters 53 gallons per day of blood, helps to regulate blood pressure, and even aids in the production of red blood cell. These tiny organs are happy to perform their functions. However, 26 million Americans could be suffering from kidney disease.

National Kidney Month reminds us that your health and well-being may depend on these tiny filters.

The National Kidney Foundation established National Kidney Month to raise awareness about Kidney disease. There are so many Americans at risk of developing kidney disease due to high blood pressure, diabetes, and a family history. It is the 9th most common cause of death in America. Over 95,000 Americans are still waiting to receive a kidney transplant.

Although kidneys are often associated with the production of urine, they also do much more. They are responsible for the excretion of waste from the bladder and also help with the reabsorption or certain nutrients. They are also vital in maintaining your body’s pH balance to prevent ketosis and make hormones that are essential for many functions. The kidney plays important roles in blood cell production, calcium absorption, and regulation of aldosterone levels. National Kidney Month gives you the opportunity to show your appreciation for these kidney-shaped organs.

National Kidney Month is a great opportunity to educate people about their kidney health. It’s the ideal time to attend one of the many screenings available across the country. On their website, the National Kidney Foundation provides a list of locations and other information. To find out if your kidney health is at risk, you can visit to take one of their quizzes. These are just some of the many things you can do to prolong your life and improve the health of your kidneys.


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