National Kissing Day

National Kissing Day

Kissing is a gesture of affection. It can be done in many ways around the world, including romantically on the lips (with the French leading this field) or on one or both cheeks.

National Kissing Day, no matter how you practice it, is a great way to show your love, appreciation, and admiration.

Although it’s not clear when, how and why kissing started, it has been observed in different cultures over time. Researchers believe it started with mothers feeding their children mouth-to-mouth. Other researchers disagree with this theory, pointing out that it would have been present in all cultures naturally.

Some cultures may have been able to develop the art of kissing by themselves, but others have only learned about it after being shown.

It is possible that those who are attracted to one another may feel compelled to rub noses and faces, which eventually led to the discovery that the lips have a pleasant sensation. The rest is history of kissing.

It doesn’t matter how it began, kissing can be a wonderful way to show affection.

Everyone deserves a good kiss today! These are some ideas to celebrate National Kissing Day with your family, a partner or close friends.

This should be someone you are familiar with. It’s important that you ask permission before kissing anyone. In honor of National Kissing Day you can kiss your loved ones on their lips, cheeks, or foreheads, regardless of whether they are your spouse, partner, child or parent.

This is the perfect day to show your loved ones how much you care with the simplest gestures, a kiss. For those who aren’t as affectionate, a hug or kiss is a good option. A hug or a kiss will suffice.

National Kissing Day allows you to enjoy the romance that comes with kissing, whether you’re spending the day with someone you love or just hanging out with your friends. These films capture the joy and delight of the day.

To celebrate National Kissing Day, you can use a kissing emoticon whenever you text with family and friends. You can choose from the yellow smiley face giving a kiss with a red heart, or the red lipstick kiss which communicates a passionate love.

Ask your friends why you are sending emojis and kisses so often. Let them know it is National Kissing Day. Maybe they’ll be interested in joining the fun!

Here are some examples of famous art that celebrate National Kissing Day. These are great pieces that you can admire, whether you visit a museum to see some kissing art or simply check it out online.

Make a playlist of all your favorite songs, and keep them playing on the background or with headphones throughout National Kissing Day. These songs are great to start with, along with anything by “Kiss”.

Cher (1990): The Shoop Shoop Song (It‚Äôs in His Kiss). Original release in 1957 by Betty Everett. Cher’s version, Mermaids, featured herself and Winona Ryder.


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