National Kite Flying Day

National Kite Flying Day

Do you instantly hear Mary Poppins’ song when you hear about flying kites? You haven’t seen that wonderful movie, so if you don’t, then it’s probably not you. You won’t regret taking the time to see it. We were referring to National Kite Flying Day. It is indeed a holiday, I swear! Get down to your basement and find that old kite you haven’t seen in years. Get out there and enjoy the fresh air!

Since the 5th Century in China, kites have brought joy and relaxation to many people. Kites can be made up of many parts, which when combined allow for high-flying tricks we all love to see. These parts include the wings, tethers and anchors. Kites are heavier than air craft. They are tethered using wing surfaces that react to the air’s drags and lifts. National Kite Flying Day was established to recall the freedom one experiences when flying a kite through the air currents.

Do you remember those childhood days when kite-making was a popular activity in school? The typical creation was made of brightly colored paper with ribbons and glitter. Did you manage to get your kite to fly? I can recall laughing and encouraging yells from my friends as they ran and ran hoping that the kite would fly into the air. Did you hold the string? Did you manage to control the kite’s rise and fall, dip and spin?

Are you looking for ideas to celebrate National Kite Flying Day in your area? These are just a few ideas to get you started. I am certain that once you put your mind to it, there will be many more. Let’s all be Mary Poppins! Get together all the kids in your family and have a great time! Have a fun kite-making session with glitter! You can then go to the park and fly a kite. Prepare yourself and your children by watching Mary Poppins calmly and learning the Kite Flying Song. This way, you’ll be able to sing the song as you march towards the park.

Are you a little too creative? You could always go to a hobby shop and check out their options for kite flying. You might find the best trick kites or the more advanced creations of youth at this hobby store. Make sure you have the ability to make your experience unforgettable if you do decide to buy a kite.

Take your lunch with you and don’t rush to get the kite back on its feet. Let it fly at the end your string and let all your worries and sadness go. This is the best way to celebrate National Kite Flying Day.


Aug 02 2024


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