National Lager Day

National Lager Day

Ice-cold beer is the best way to end a long day. There are some who argue that a beer that was born in cold water is better than any normal beer. The perfect combination of both these traits is a lager!

This is one of the oldest fermented drinks on earth. It’s aged in a slow, long maturation period in the cold. National Lager Day is the ideal time to enjoy this tasty blonde beverage and learn more about its fascinating history.

Learn about National Lager Day and get ready to enjoy it!

Bavaria Lager was born in 19th century by brewers who experimented with long-term beer storage in cold environments. This is the reason why the word Lager was created. It comes from the German word Lagern, which means “to store”.

This beer is brewed using bottom-fermenting yeast. It would then be transported to areas where the temperature remains low. First, it would be stored in cellars and then transferred to dark caves in the mountainous Alps. This beer would then be stored in the frozen cellars of Earth on ice from lakes or mountains and allowed to “lager” for the summer.

The process of brewing and storage allowed the yeast and sediments to settle to the bottom, leaving only clear, golden liquid. This resulted in a beer that was crystal clear and had a unique taste. Even this process produced a darker beer than we are used to, partly due to the heavy waters in the region and other factors. The process was eventually refined and the golden beer that many Lager lovers enjoy today has been created. If you prefer a darker beer, such as Dunkel or Dunkles to your lager, it can still be brewed in Bavaria.

It’s like being a beer lover in paradise when you get on board for National Lager Day! These ideas will inspire you to celebrate and honor this day.

There are many varieties of Lagers. It will be a great way to expand your knowledge and enjoy this variety of beer. Take a look at the following:

It is possible to find a pale golden beer almost anywhere nowadays, but it would be better to go back in time and get a pint of lager. As you sip this drink, you will be surrounded by hundreds of years of tradition. You’ll learn the history of a drink that is so beloved all over the globe.

It’s easy to find any one of the many lagers on the market today. This process has been replicated all over the globe, resulting in many different varieties of lagers, both local and international. National Lager Day offers the perfect opportunity to expand your beer knowledge and learn about the history of one the most beloved beverages in the world.

It’s easier than ever to get serious about homebrewing beer. Get a kit for homebrewing online or at a local store and you can start making your own lager.

Cold storage is the key to creating a Lager. This is because it aims to make your final brew clearer and cleaner. Lager yeasts behave slightly differently to ale yeasts so it is important that you understand the differences and what to expect. Brewing Lagers can be a little more complicated than making an ale. You will need yeast starters and the ability to adjust the temperature within a five degree range.

Although this process is not without its challenges, many people find the rewards to be well worth it.


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