National Lard Day

National Lard Day

Lard is not considered unhealthy and can be used to make healthy fats part of a diet. National Lard Day is a day to show how lard can work and educate people about why it’s a better option than butter or other grease. Learn more about Lard Day’s history and how to celebrate it.

National Lard Day is a celebration of the use and health benefits of lard. According to the Healthy Fats Coalition which created this holiday to educate people about the differences between unhealthy and healthy fats, lard is considered a healthy fat. This coalition includes multiple companies and organizations that support healthy fats. Healthy Fats Coalition is an education initiative that promotes the health benefits of lard due to its monounsaturated fats, which are healthy for the heart.

Coast Packing Company, which is the largest fat shortening manufacturer on the West Coast, has been supporting the holiday through hosting cooking contests since its inception. National Lard Day is an officially recognized holiday. However, it has been able to bring back traditions and culture. Coast Packing Company holds an annual competition to show how lard can be used in cooking to enhance the taste of food.

Start by purchasing lard from your local farmers or grocery stores. You can replace butter and cooking oils in traditional recipes with lard. Use lard in your favorite recipes. Share the benefits of lard with others on social media using #nationallardday. Let everyone know how beneficial lard is in their diets.


Aug 12 2024


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