National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

As a child, did you dream of becoming a police officer? Police officers in America have a poor reputation due to incidents with officers and unfair treatment. These tensions aside, there is an entire day dedicated to police officers and the services that they provide.

This day is known as National Law Enforcement Appreciation Days and is about thanking those who hold one of the most difficult positions in our country. This holiday celebrates the work of police officers and their families.

Multiple organizations joined forces to create this day in 2015. Concerns of Police Survivors is one of the major organizations that encourages citizens to show their appreciation for their police officers on this day. C.O.P.S believes that it is important to recognize law enforcement officers’ difficult careers in order to uphold the law and protect lives.

The 2014 shooting death of an officer in Ferguson, Missouri prompted the creation of C.O.P.S to create this holiday. They are trying to change the perception of police officers by discrediting the negative attention they have received in recent news. CO.P.S considers it vital to support law enforcement officers during difficult times. This holiday raises awareness about the hard decisions that police officers make every day to protect the law and the public.

There are many ways to show your support for local law enforcement. Blue clothing can be worn to support law enforcement. Send a card of support and a photo of a positive experience with law enforcement on social media.

You can encourage your children to write letters supporting law enforcement if you want to spread positivity about police officers. To show support for police, you can also change the profile picture. Spend time with family members who are officers. Let them share their stories and build a relationship with you.


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