National Lemon Cream Pie Day

National Lemon Cream Pie Day

Lemon cream pie is not to be confused with lemon meringue (another wonderful pie with its roots firmly planted in citron heaven), but it is a delicious, sunny-colored treat sure to brighten anyone’s day. Lemon Cream Pie Day was created to honor this delicious, sweet and tangy treat as well as all those who make it.

Although pumpkin pie season is traditionally over, we can’t help but feel the sweetness of summer. The pumpkin pie is full of all the autumn flavors and textures, but the bright colors and delicious flavors of lemon cream pie are undoubtedly reminiscent of the summer days gone by. Although lemon desserts are a classic from the Middle Ages and still popular today, the delicious delight of whipped cream wasn’t invented until the 16th Century. This is what created this unusually delicious autumnal delight.

Although we all know there are other types of pies that have been around for longer, lemon cream pie remains one of the most beloved and loved traditional desserts. Its citron base does not make it healthy. Unless you are trying to avoid getting scurvy, then. However, there are many benefits to lemon cream pie’s fruit base. These include the benefits for the liver, antioxidant properties and the ability to absorb iron from the lemon. Lemon Cream Pie Day is a day that’s easy to make, and all of this combined with its simplicity makes it a great choice.

A traditional greasy spoon restaurant is the best place to find lemon cream pie. There are many other flavors available, but nothing can match the joy of a slice of sunshine lemon cream pie. A great way to celebrate lemon-cream pie day is to stop by your favorite roadside restaurant and order a slice. You can also make your own if you are feeling more adventurous. There are many options for recipes, from simple and unorthodox to more sophisticated, elegant versions that you might find in high-end restaurants.


Nov 29 2024


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