National Library Lover’s Month

National Library Lover’s Month

Stop hugging the library. Oh, no, it was Library Lovers Month. It seems that this month has come just in time, as many local libraries are experiencing financial difficulties during the economic downturn. Why should you love your library? Libraries are a refuge from the chaos of daily life. They offer safety and tranquility. Libraries are a safe place to focus and be surrounded with like-minded people who want to learn. While there may be overlap in information, libraries can provide services that are not available online. These include free help in finding obscure information or borrowing books that might not be in the vast catalogue available on the web. People often forget that librarianship is not like a job at the local grocery store. Do you want to become a Librarian? You will need to earn a degree as a Librarian Science. This is an option, and you will need to get a degree in Library Science. You can find people from the Society for Creative Anachronism or other local organizations at these meetings. You can also find magazines, periodicals, and microfiches of local newspapers going back to antiquity. This is just the beginning! There’s so much to find there. You can also find new books and help with research for papers that you might have to write. People who visit the library are often intellectuals so you never know what interesting conversations you might have.


Feb 01 - 28 2024


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