National Licorice Day

National Licorice Day

If you are looking for something unique and sweet, then why not try some delicious licorice in celebration of National Licorice Day?

People all over the world enjoy licorice, which is a delicious and delectable treat. It can be found in many candies and teas, as well as herbal food supplements, that can also be purchased at health food shops.

National Licorice Day is a great day to celebrate this unique flavor!

Natural licorice flavor is extracted from the licorice plants and used in sweets and candy. It can also be used to make candy or to add a special flavor to a beverage (licorice tea is one example), and has special medicinal properties.

It is known that ancient Egyptians used licorice to heal their ailments. Hieroglyphics show that it was also enjoyed as a beverage. The use of licorice has been incorporated into cultures by ancient Greeks, Romans as well as Hindus, Chinese, and Hindus.

In famous stories, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were also recorded to have used licorice because of its health benefits. This includes helping with skin problems, eye conditions, stomach problems, and other issues.

It’s not surprising that people started to use licorice in sweets. However, the 50-fold sweeter glycyrrhizin which makes licorice sweetens is why!

Records indicate that licorice was not made into candy in Holland until the 17th Century. This treat was eventually shared by sailors with others from Europe and the rest of the world.

This candy, which contains licorice flavoring, is now produced in Australia and Europe.

In 2004, National Licorice day was established in collaboration with the National Confectioners Association (NCA) and Licorice International (located in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA). This day is dedicated to the rich history and distinctive flavor of all things Licorice. Black licorice was the original flavor. However, licorice can now be found in other flavors and colors.

For those who don’t like the taste of black liquorice (which includes the jelly beans around Easter), it would be no crime to celebrate the day in a different way!

National Licorice Day offers the perfect opportunity for everyone to enjoy and celebrate everything related to licorice. These are some ways you can get in the spirit of National Licorice Day or think of other creative ways.

People can also choose from a variety of licorice candy flavours, including strawberry, cherry and black. Licorice International sells more than 160 varieties of licorice candy from 14 countries. This will allow anyone to try something new.

These are some of the most sought-after types:

Giving licorice as gifts is a great way to enjoy National Licorice Day with family and friends. To share with colleagues or get along the good side for the boss, bring some licorice laces and licorice candies. You can let them try any of the interesting and unique flavors. For those who love to cook, you can make your own licorice candy and share it with neighbors or friends.

Some people love the flavor of licorice as it is, while others prefer to drink it with other herbs such as ginger root, dried rose petals and cinnamon stick.

It’s great to know that licorice root, whether it is made into tea or used as a supplement to a healthy diet, may offer the following health benefits.

To celebrate this wonderful day, do some research about the history, health benefits and uses of this plant. Don’t hesitate to share your findings in celebration of this day. These are some interesting facts to start with:


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