National Llama Day

National Llama Day

These intelligent and social animals are similar to camels, but without the hump. Llamas, with their large eyes and long eyelashes are quite adorable and a little bit rebellious.

Celebrate this lively animal on National Llama Day!

Although they are thought to have been native to both North and South America at one time, llamas were believed to have vanished in North America during an ice age. They now live only in South America.

Llamas are a cousin to alpacas and were domesticated around 4,000 to 5,000 years ago by humans. They originated in Peru and the Andes Mountains. Llamas are able to navigate difficult trails and were used in mountainous areas as pack animals to transport loads of goods. Their fur was also used for textiles and fabric making.

Llamas are often kept on farms as domestic pets, or as guard animals for alpacas and sheep. Llama ownership is a long-term commitment because they live up to 20 years on average, and even 30 years. They love herding so it is best to have at least two llamas, or more, because they are very social.

These and other fun ideas will ensure a relaxed National Llama Day.

You can celebrate National Llama Day with the guest of honour by visiting a local farm or seeing llamas at a local petting zoo. Llamas who are used to being petted by humans are usually friendly and will allow you to touch their necks or head. They can kick if you walk too close to them.


Sep 12 2024


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