National Lost Dog Awareness Day

National Lost Dog Awareness Day

As kids, we all had the best friend, that fluffy eared fur ball who was always happy to see us no matter how difficult our days were. They only wanted a few cuddles, scruff of the ears and maybe a little bit of our sandwich. These furry friends would sometimes go on grand adventures, never knowing where they were going. It would be wonderful if these faithful companions could find their way home if there were an organization that could help them. National Lost Dog Awareness Day was created by such an organization. It is dedicated to helping furbabies find their way home.

People assume that a wandering or lost dog on the streets is an abandoned pet and therefore has no place to call home. Lost Dogs of America (LDOA), was created to prove that assumption wrong and to help lost mutts get back to their owners or friends. In 2011, the organization was founded. In 2013, they established National Lost Dog Awareness Day. They have assisted 42,000 dogs return to their loving homes over the years.

Molly, a pet dog named Molly, was one of their successes. She wandered from her Illinois home and became lost. Molly was quickly found thanks to a number of posts in a variety of Facebook groups. The person who found her took her for a scan to get a microchip. Although Molly did not have a microchip, the vet saw Molly’s picture on Lost Dogs Illinois and returned her home within a few hours. This is the kind of magic LDOA/National Lost Dog Awareness Day can bring to the lives of dog owners and their dogs.

To increase your furry friend’s chances of returning home, you should take them to the vet and have them microchipped. Next, take plenty of photos of your furry friend. (We can almost hear your Facebook friends groaning at us: “MORE pictures?” Just to be sure others can identify your dog, you should have lots of photos of them. Lastly, but not least, join the LDOA Facebook lists to connect with others who are working together to find their lost dogs. You might have seen one of these dogs, or they may one day see yours. National Lost Dog Awareness Day gives you the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives and futures of our four-footed furry family members.


Apr 23 2024


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