National Lost Sock Day

National Lost Sock Day

What is National Lost Sock Memorial Day?
National Lost Sock Memorial Day or NLSMD is A Special Day for Mourning All Your Lost Socks.

Of course this is very much an unofficial holiday, but why shouldn’t your lost socks be remembered. Let’s face it we’ve all got a pile of odd socks lurking in the back of the sock drawer. Some of us even like to make a big thing about wearing them. But does anyone know where all the other odd socks go?
Who Decided There Should be a National Lost Sock Day?
There have been hours spent pondering the origin of this quirky celebration, and so far nobody seems to know. But does it really matter who thought of the idea? It’s a great one whoever it was.
When is National Lost sock Memorial Day?
Taking place annually, National Lost Sock Memorial Day falls on the 9th May.
How to Celebrate National Lost Sock Day
There are no tried and tested ways to celebrate and no recognised set of rules for the day. So why don’t we offer a few suggestions, and you get to take it from there.

The best way to celebrate is by wearing a pair of odd socks in remembrance of the socks that are missing.

Perhaps you could encourage the kids to go on a treasure hunt and see if they can find some of the socks that have disappeared.

Uniting long lost pairs would be the ultimate celebration. – If searching for them fails, then perhaps it’s about time you found something else to do with the odd ones. Did you know they make great ties for in the garden? Make your kids some odd sock puppets. Odd socks also make great cleaning cloths and dusters.

At the end of the day, take a few moments and give your lost socks a minutes silence in their honour. After all, they made the ultimate sacrifice.


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