National Louisiana Day

National Louisiana Day

Celebrate all that Louisiana has to offer the world by celebrating National Louisiana Day!

Louisiana joined the USA in 1812 as the 18th member of the Union. This was less than a decade after its famous Louisiana purchase. Louisiana’s roots are very French but it also has strong influences from Spanish and African culture. It is a hub for Creole culture and Cajun culture, which have their own food, music, and experiences.

Louisiana’s capitol is Baton Rouge, which offers many unique experiences. The first National Louisiana Day celebration took place in 2017.

You and your friends will have a lot of fun at National Louisiana Day activities and events. These are some ideas to celebrate National Louisiana Day.

Are you not from Louisiana? That’s okay! This is the best time to visit. Louisiana residents get an exemption because they are already in Louisiana. National Louisiana Day is a great time to visit the capital of Baton Rouge and the “Big Easy”, New Orleans.

You can take a swamp tour, listen or eat to jazz music, enjoy Cajun and Creole cuisines, visit the French Quarter, the tallest state capitol building at Baton Rouge, or visit the Tabasco Factory Museum. There are many things to do and lots to see during National Louisiana Day as well as throughout the year.

Gumbo is Louisiana’s official state dish. Gumbo is a spicy soup made with sausages, seafood and vegetables. It is served thickly over rice. Gumbo can be made and eaten on National Louisiana Day to honor the state’s rich history.


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