National Love People Day

National Love People Day

It is love that makes the world turn! Humans are more happy when they love one another and are kind to them. National Love People Day is a great time to celebrate this concept and try it out.

A church in Chicago, Illinois created National Love People Day in 2017. The group wanted to help others and show love by reaching out to them. The idea can sometimes be taken to extremes with random acts of kindness, such as giving cars away to single mothers or performing home makeovers.

National Love People Day does not have to be a celebration of extreme love. You can still enjoy it by doing the little things that show love to others. It doesn’t take much time, and it can be done in a matter of minutes or seconds.

It’s now time to celebrate National Love People Day

To tell National Love People Day, leave a note saying “I Love You”, call a friend far away or write a sweet message to a family member. These are just a few of the other ways you can join the celebration:

You can help a person get from the store to their car, assist them with their groceries, compliment someone at work, cut in line in front you, offer a place on a crowded subway or bus, or leave a positive comment or feedback on a blog. You can also “pay it forward” by ordering the next person’s order at the drive-thru. It’s great to have fun and find ways to love your neighbors.

Reaching out to the community in unusual ways is an important aspect of National Love People Day. You can use the day’s opportunities to find a project that will help someone in need. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Make a donation to charity. Sign up to read to the elderly in a nursing home. There are many ways to show love and support your community. So get out there and have fun!

Make a playlist with songs about love to get you inspired for National Love People Day.


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