National Lyme Disease Awareness Month

National Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Nature is beautiful, but not always the most friendly. This could be why we have spent thousands of years trying to make it easier for ourselves to stay indoors. Lyme Disease is one such danger. It’s something that hunters and campers who spend time in the wilderness (especially campers) have to worry about every tick they catch. National Lyme Disease Awareness Month reminds everyone to be alert and spread awareness to save lives.

Lyme disease can be life-threatening and is caused by bacteria transmitted through the bite of a tick. The incidence of Lyme Disease in the Western Hemisphere is increasing due to increased tick populations and climate change. Many people take part in National Lyme Disease Awareness Month to educate the public about Lyme Disease and the symptoms. Many cities and regions organize fundraisers and events to raise funds for research. People wear green ribbons and replace their porch lights by using green bulbs.

Lyme Disease is often misdiagnosed. It is important that Lyme Disease is made well known to everyone. Lyme disease can be spotted early and symptoms include fatigue, fever, headaches, and a rash. It can lead to chronic pain, joint and heart problems, cognitive problems and problems like difficulty concentrating and remembering. Lyme Disease, like many other diseases, is easier to treat if it is caught early. It is vital that Lyme Disease awareness be spread so people can protect their loved ones, their families and pets.

Make sure your family has nature-lovers. You and your loved ones should be educated about tick bite prevention, how to avoid them, what to do if one does occur, and what signs to look out for.

We all love the natural world and want to spend more time there. Make sure to educate your family and friends about how to safely do this. National Lyme Disease Awareness Month is a great time to create flyer campaigns and remind people to be more vigilant for ticks.


May 01 - 31 2024


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