National Macaroon Day

National Macaroon Day

Macaroons are a favorite cookie of ours, and we don’t know why. If you love cookies, they come in many delicious flavors and are beautiful to look at. They are made in Italy but there is so much more to them than that. This is why you will find regional variations around the globe. National Macaroon Day offers a chance to try them all, from dark-spiced coconut flavors from the Dominican Republic to thick, velvety chocolate from the Scottish Macaroon.

National Macaroon Day celebrates these little sweet treats. You are missing out if you’ve never tried macaroons before! These delicious sweet treats are here to tell you a few facts.

National Macaroon Day’s history begins in an unlikely place: an Italian monastery. The macaroon recipe was created in this monastery. It was then brought to France to be presented to Catherine de Medici, the wife of King Henry the Second. Catherine de Medici was the wife of a King, a position which is perhaps even more enviable. The Medici family was one of two prominent banking families at the time, the other being the Fuggers. Catherine de Medici was her daughter. She could have chosen any confection with her powerful family connections at the time, but she fell in love the Macaroon.

Two Benedictine nuns, who were fleeing persecution during the Revolution, fled to Nancy, France later in the Macaroon’s story. They decided to hide out and found a way of supporting themselves. The “Macaroon Sisters”, who deliver delicious cookies every day, became well-known.

National Macaroon Day celebrates this delicious tradition and ancient history. We encourage you to indulge in your favorite Macaroon and maybe even explore more!

National Macaroon Day can be celebrated by finding and eating your favorite macaroon. We encourage you to try a variety of macaroons and then share them with your family and friends. We don’t mind if you keep them to yourself. Most macaroons contain coconut. However, some of our favorites are made with cashews. Which is your favorite?

You can make your own macaroons if you’re feeling brave. There are many great recipes available online. We have also seen some truly amazing flavors! You can start with the basic French macaroons. You can also make something different. If you’re a fan of extravagant desserts, champagne macaroons with a sprinkle of edible gold are a great recipe! You’ll also love Ferrero Rocher macaroons and strawberries and cream macaroons. Which one sound the most appealing?

It’s a great way to celebrate National Macaroon Day with your friends. Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea treat. The popularity of afternoon tea is increasing with the availability of themed afternoon teas in cafes, hotels, and restaurants around the globe. Even your own afternoon tea party can be hosted, with macaroons as the main attraction. Even a macaroon-and-wine tasting event is possible. Match macaroons to a wine and have a wonderful tasting night. What could be more delicious than wine and macaroons!

A macaroon cook-off could be hosted with your friends. You could even host your own Bake Off! Your friends and you can each make the best macaroon recipe together. You can then all try each other’s macaroons and rank them from 1-10. The winner can be the person who scores the highest. The winner could receive a bottle of bubbles, or some other treat. This is a wonderful way to celebrate National Macaroon Day with those you love.


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