National Mad Hatter Day

National Mad Hatter Day

National Mad Hatter Day is a celebration of the Mad Hatter. John Tenniel’s original illustration of the Mad Hatter in Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland (more commonly known by Lewis Caroll as Alice In Wonderland) depicts him wearing a hat with the note “In this Style 10/6”. We know that this order was actually established at the time of the drawing. It was supposed to have meant that a hat in this style would cost 10 Shillings or Sixpence. However, we use this picture as inspiration to dress in the Mad Hatter’s style on 10/6. (In the UK, this would be the tenth June, but in America, it is the sixth of October).

National Mad Hatter Day gives you the chance to show your madness. You will be familiar with the Mad Hatter if you’ve ever seen Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, or read the book. He is a funny character that Sir John Tenniel originally illustrated. He is a hilarious character, well-known for his absurd riddles. He is a charming character that makes us laugh and brings out our silly side. This is National Mad Hatter Day!

Did you know that the Mad Hatter is just the Hatter? It’s just that everyone refers to him simply as the Mad Hatter. He is not only an integral part of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but has also been featured in many other media. These include Once Upon a Time and Pandora Hearts.

A general day of silliness was celebrated by Boulder computer-folk on April 26, 1986, inspired by John Tenniel’s drawings of the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland. It was first announced on computer networks that year, and became more popular as people realized its value. Some people did less harm by celebrating silliness then if they had done their jobs.

It was first recognized as a holiday in 1988 and first received national media coverage.

A colloquial expression that refers to a mad person is “Mad as the hatter”. Mercury was used to produce felt in 18th- and 19th-century England. This felt was used in making hats. Mercury poisoning can be fatal for some people who work in these hat factories. The phrase was used to describe someone who was considered insane.

Not only is it a day for silliness, but recent celebrations also include finding something totally normal in your daily life. To look professional at work, it is a good idea to wear a noose around the neck.

A fancy dress party is a great way to celebrate National Mad Hatter Day! It’s easy to find Mad Hatter costumes online! You can also make one yourself. A green top hat with a light pink ribbon is required. Make sure to whiten your face and get a vibrant orange wig. A brown coat with striped brown trousers and black boots will be required. You should finish your look with a colorful bow-tie and sash. You can choose an Alice in Wonderland theme or a general fancy dress to have many options.

A Mad Hatter-inspired afternoon tea is another way to celebrate National Mad Hatter Day. This afternoon tea can be found at the Sanderson Hotel on London’s Oxford Street. You don’t have to travel to London to enjoy this indulgence. Instead, you can make a delicious afternoon tea. You can make so many different and delicious treats. Mad Hatters lost carrot meringue, Wonderland marshmallow magical mushrooms, Mad March Hare vanilla watch macaroon and Tweedle Dee lemoncurd financier are just a few of the many dishes available from Sanderson. Are your eyes watering? It sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Even if you don’t live in London, this afternoon tea can be used as an inspiration. Gather a few of your friends and celebrate National Mad Hatter Day!

Other than the ones that have been suggested, there are other ways to celebrate National Mad Hatter Day. You can watch Alice in Wonderland or read the book. You might find a production of Alice in Wonderland in your area. If so, why not check out the internet?


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