National Make Your Bed Day

National Make Your Bed Day

National Make Your Bed Day is a day to remind everyone about the many benefits of making your bed every morning. This day should not be confused with Aww Mom, Do I Need To?’ Day which lasts 364 days. It is a wonderful way to stop complaining and encourage people to make their beds every morning!

National Make Your Bed Day, one of the easiest chores you can do, is full of fun and creative ways to view making your bed from a new perspective.

As early as the days when a bed was just a mat on the ground, the phrase “make your own bed” is still a common expression. When families used their sleeping areas as living spaces, tidying up would have been even more important. The kid who didn‚Äôt make his bed made the whole family trip over it during the day.

Even in modern cultures, bedmaking can have many benefits. Making your bed every night is good for your mental health. According to sleep researchers, a clean environment can lead to more restful sleep.

It could also be assumed that starting the morning with at least one “chore” done and dusted can make it easier to take on the day’s challenges. The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom so it makes the room look cleaner and more relaxed.

This day may seem like a chore to some, but it’s not! When people understand the benefits of Make Your Bed, it can be a day that is fun and joyful. These are some ideas to get involved in activities

Instead of jumping out of bed to procrastinate, you can use National Make Your Bed Day. This is a small thing that can make all the difference. Many people feel more motivated and inspired to do other things once they’ve done it.

Apart from having a better place to live, making your own bed can offer these benefits:

People don’t always want to make their bed because they don‚Äôt take pride in their bedroom’s design, color or beauty. National Make Your Bed Day provides a great excuse to buy a new comforter, blanket, or bedspread. People who love the look of their bedrooms will feel happier.

You can shop online for beautiful Egyptian cotton sheets, or visit your local home goods store to find a nice down comforter. This will make a great duvet cover. Comforters (or duvets), can be used to inspire bed-making because they don’t require a top sheet nor those annoying hospital corners. Simply place it on the bed and straighten it. You are done!

Make your bed a habit with National Make Your Bed Day. This is a simple task that can have a huge impact on your life!


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