National Making The First Move Day

National Making The First Move Day

National Making The First Move Day, an inclusive holiday, was born out of the bullying of Greshun de Bouse, a victim of crime, and more recent victimizations of bullying.

This day was born because of the bullycide and bullying epidemic that continues to impact children and families all over the globe. She was able, because of the difficulties she faced to recognize and make the first move after being victimized by a criminal.

Greshun was driven by a sincere desire to see everyone free of bullying-related problems. She founded First Move Life Coaching LLC to help with bullying prevention and recovery, and National Making The First Move Day.

People of all ages, backgrounds and ages are encouraged to join forces today in order to prevent bullying. Enabling recovery in all its forms, including abuse, shaming, and assault!

People often don’t do anything when they don‚Äôt know what they should do. Making the First Move Day is the best way to encourage bullying prevention and recovery. However, everyone’s first move might not be the same.

This day aims to ensure that everyone in the world can live happily without being bullied. Join us every year to celebrate liberation from bullying, and the negative effects it has on everyone.

National Making The First Move Day can be an exciting day! It gives people the opportunity to regain their power and make the first steps towards bullying prevention.

This day can be celebrated by signing the National Making The First Move Day pledge at 12:00 AM on April 7.

This is a commitment that you will accept yourself and others without judgement. At least one positive thing about yourself. You can also say something positive about everyone you meet throughout the day.

It’s important to help stop bullying from the beginning and intervene when bullying is observed. Make the first step towards bullying prevention and recovery in any form you choose.

Today is a day to encourage people to be more open about their past. Red, which is a symbol of passion, can be worn to show solidarity and support. White to represent new beginnings. The official National Making The First Move Day Event is also available.

You will be surrounded by people from all over the world who are aiming to empower and empower others at the event. Encourage each other and help them to be more courageous in making the first step.

There will be speakers and Q&A sessions on bullying at the event. There will be self-defense training, food, raffles and games for children, as well as photo opportunities.

The pledge accountability facet is a highlight of the event. Participants who have pledged to make verbal progress reports are invited. This verbalization focuses on the first steps they have taken over the last year. This can be a very empowering and cathartic experience for all involved.

You can donate to National Making The First Move Day via,and help with present and future bullying prevention and recovery initiatives for children and families.


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