National Mango Day

National Mango Day

Mangos are a tropical fruit that is sweet and juicy. You may not know that mangos are a special day. It’s so exciting!

Mangos were first grown in India 5000 years back and then traveled to Southeast Asia between 5th and 4th century BC. The 10th century AD was the first year of cultivation in East Africa. According to Indian tradition, the mango shape is the inspiration for the paisley design. It is the national tree of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Pakistan. Mangoes are grown in tropical climates that are frost-free. Nearly half of the world’s mango supply is harvested in India. China is the second largest source.

Every year, there is an international mango festival in Delhi (India) that has been held since 1987. Over 50 mango growers from all over the country are included in this event. You can participate in quizzes and competitions about mangos, including their various uses in cooking as well as their many varieties (which exceed 550).

Mango Day is a day to buy mangos and experiment with different recipes. You should choose a mango that is slightly soft than the hard. It is not yet ripe if it is too firm. You can cut out some mango cubes, and sprinkle salt on them. It won’t taste as good, but it will be more juicy. Mangos are sweet, and the inside meat is what’s eaten.

Enjoy a wonderful day learning about this delicious fruit on National Mango Day. Here’s a simple recipe you can try.

Blend all ingredients. Pulse until your desired consistency. You can add more ice to make your smoothie thicker.


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