National Marzipan Day

National Marzipan Day

Marzipan is a light and delicious treat that’s made from a unique combination of sugar, almond meal and almond extract. It can be used in many sweets and treats and is suitable for Lent. Because it is versatile, it is a popular choice for making themed cakes and confections. It’s also a popular treat served with chocolate throughout the year.

Marzipan’s origins are not entirely known, but culinary historians believe that Persia is the most likely source. It traveled along the many trade routes, becoming a staple in European cuisine. Most likely it was brought here by the Turks. The Hanseatic League was a trade association of towns, rather than individuals, that transported large quantities of it. It became a staple in most towns that made the Hanseatic League their home.

Tallinn and Lubeck are proud of their marzipan manufacturing history, quality, and almond content. Although Persia is most likely to be the place where it originated, ample evidence suggests that Spain also developed a version or was the original originator of the confectionary treat.

National Marzipan Day can be celebrated in the same way as other food-based holidays. You can just dive in and enjoy this delicious confection. It’s possible to get really creative and make your own marzipan creations. It is delicious and can be shaped into any number interesting shapes. You can even add food coloring to make it really fun!

In a marzipan wrap, towering cakes can be made. You can make fake fruits with preserves and jellies, or thin marzipan wraps with various fruit and creams. You can host a marzipan party in your home if you feel particularly creative. This is where everyone gets together to make the best marzipan creations of the night. After the event is over, you can go into a sugar-induced coma and dream about next year’s creation.


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