National Mason Jar Day

National Mason Jar Day

National Mason Jar Day is a celebration of the invention and use of the mason-jar in everyday life. This holiday is unique because of its weirdness. You can learn more about the invention and how it was used. These days, mason jars are a popular item among hipsters. Why not learn more about mason-jars and their fascinating history? Let’s get into this trend item and get going.

Unboxing The Bizarre is a website that creates gift boxes inspired by obscure holidays. Unboxing the Bizarre founder Misty Campbell Olbert created National Mason Jar Day to commemorate the invention of the masonjar and show how it can be used for many craft activities. John Landis Mason’s patent #22186, issued in 1858, was the first to create the mason jar. It allowed for safer screw-neck bottles that could be used to store food. This design made food storage safer and inspired artists and gardeners to create their own hobbies.

After the patent expired, many companies, such as Hero Fruit Jar Company and Consolidated Fruit Jar Company, took advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on the design. The original design was used by Ball brothers to create new designs. New designs were created over time. Although there are no specific brands for the mason jar today, they have proven to be very useful.

You can share your mason-jar stories with your friends to celebrate mason-jars. You can make plant containers out of them. You can find many cool ways to use mason-jars online. Share your creativity with your friends by using #MasonJarDay in your online posts. Ball Kerr has many canning recipes, including jams, pickles and vinaigrettes. Why not get started with mason jars to unleash your creative side?


Nov 01 - 30 2024


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