National May Ray Day

National May Ray Day

The saying “April Showers bring May Flowers” refers to the natural turning of seasons and the amazing spring rains. Every year, this page turns, bringing with it the spring rains and May’s rich aromas and comfort. Except if you live in New York where it sometimes decides that May can be snowed in, that is another matter. National May Ray Day celebrates the changing of seasons and encourages people to enjoy it.

National May Ray Day’s history is as old and varied as the wheel of the years, which turns through each season to keep our minds free from the cold. As a sign of when to plant, it has been a significant indicator of the end of winter’s cold and the beginning of summer. The stores will have the most gorgeous spring and summer clothes, but not the heavy winter coats or galoshes. No more long-johns and thick sweaters.

It’s spring! This means that it’s time for you to embrace the warmth of the sun and show your brilliance. After a long cold winter, plants everywhere are starting to bloom. The sun is what your body needs. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones and other healthful activities. National May Ray Day is your opportunity to enjoy the sun and the warmth.

Enjoy the sunshine and get out there! This is the best way to commemorate National May Ray Day. Take your family on a picnic and get a new spring wardrobe! Have you been working out inside all winter? You have been working indoors all winter. Get out there and take a walk, jog or run. If you have allergies, you can also take a Benadryl. Although we know that some people are afraid of spring due to hay fever, there is still a way to enjoy the great outdoors. National May Ray Day reminds you to get outside and enjoy the sun.


May 19 2025


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