National Memo Day

National Memo Day

Do you want to share important information? Let everyone know about the upcoming meeting. Are there soccer moms who meet at the local Starbucks after-work? You need to inform everyone that Friday is casual dress day. Great! This means that you will need to send a memo! National Memo Day is a celebration of something that has been sacred (or loathed, depending on who you ask …) source) of communication in the business world: the memo.

You might not know that the history of the memo dates back much further than this! The Latin word “memo” comes from the word “memorandum”, which means “It must be kept in mind”. Memos were created to help memory by notifying events and observations through written communication. This was originally done by handwriting, but it evolved to include mechanical writing tools like the printer, typewriter and printing press. Now, this is possible with email! Sometimes it is easy to forget that physical communication was the mainstay of the human world before instant messaging and emailing.

The concept of memorandum is so important to business and official communications that special classified memorandums are available. The Policy briefing note is a small memo that plays an important role in the development and implementation of policy by governmental and judicial bodies. Once the political analysis of a situation has been completed, it is transmitted to the people who will make the decision in the form a policy briefing notice!

Memos have a huge impact on our daily lives every day. The humble memo can determine whether you get a raise or a product is developed, or whether zoning requests are granted.

Have you ever been involved in a court case. Before you actually appear in court, the judge was given information in the form a “bench memoandum”. This brief overview of the case, including the arguments of the lawyer, is what the judge needed to make a decision on the case.

It all begins with a simple memo sent to someone to celebrate National Memo Day! It’s that easy! It doesn’t matter if it’s a Post-It message on their fridge, a note in their lunchbox reminding of a doctor’s appointment or an email reminding your boss to send the memos out to all your co-workers. This may sound great but you might be wondering how to write one.

A memo format is very simple. The format of a memo is simple. You start with “Memo” (or “Memorandum”) at the top. Next, you will need a To line and a From line. Finally, the subject line will be followed by the body of the message. You would traditionally print a memo and give it to the appropriate parties within your small business. A clear closing action in the last paragraph is the best way to end a memo. Make sure you are clear with your reader about what you want them to do after they have read the memo. This will make it easier for them to respond.

You have just written your first memo (or multiple). It’s okay to play with it, since you aren’t sending it as an official memo. You can add whatever you want, be creative. The whole point of National Memo Day, however, is to have fun with the humble memo and celebrate something that doesn’t get much attention but has an impact on many people every day.

Are you unsure what memo to send? It’s time to do a little research! There are directive memos that contain instructions. You can also use the Status or Progress report memos to report on the progress or status of a project or event. The last of the memo types is the Field or trip reporting memos. These memos provide key information about what happened in the field and during trips. Go out and do some research to determine which type of memo you will use for National Memo Day.

National Memo Day is a celebration of all types of memos, including Grey Literature and Bench Memorandums. It can be refreshing to send a friend a paper copy of communication, especially in this digital age. They are personal and can bring light to the person you’re sending them. ).

Send a memorable and personal memo to someone you know or go out and celebrate National Memo Day!


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