National Mentoring Day

National Mentoring Day

Everyone has someone they look up too! The relationship becomes even more meaningful when the person you look up to is willing and able to help them on their journey.

National Mentoring Day is a celebration and awareness of the importance mentors and role models in our lives.

National Mentoring Day was founded in 2014. It was created to promote mentoring for all, regardless of age, race, or background. National Mentoring Day was also used to launch the National Mentoring Awards. This is a valuable way for mentors throughout the UK to be recognized.

National Mentoring Day, which was inaugurated into the Houses of parliament in London, United Kingdom, in 2020, was sponsored by Lord David Young who is the founder Patron. As it expands its reach to other parts of the globe, National Mentoring Day continues to gain popularity.

Although National Mentoring Day may not be as well-known in the United States yet, there is a campaign asking Congress for more support in relation to the mentoring initiative. You can send an email to your Senators and Representatives to participate.

No matter what your situation, it is a great day for anyone looking to connect and get involved. This is what National Mentoring Day is all for!

You can get involved in National Mentoring Day by taking part in these celebrations:

Let a mentor know how much you appreciate them on National Mentoring Day! This is the ideal day to thank a mentor for their help, whether they are someone you have just met or someone who was a mentor in your life.

They’ll be happy to know that someone took the time to express their appreciation, whether it’s via email or handwritten thank you cards.

People who are connected to an organization or community may want to host an event in celebration of National Mentoring Day. This could be done through a mentoring program at school, a mentoring event at work or building into an existing mentoring organization.

Even hosting mentoring awards can be fun and give recognition to those who often go unnoticed. It’s a great idea to host an event that brings mentors and “mentees” together.

You can help someone else who is just starting out on their journey by volunteering your time to mentor them. You could commit to a program at work or at a school. Or even in a chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. It is important to build a relationship with someone you can look up to.


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