National Metal Day

National Metal Day

Metal music was born in the 1960s and has never been mainstream. The 1984 rockumentary, or mockumentary, This Is Spinal Tap about a fictional heavy metal band gave metal a new perspective.

It’s National Metal Day!

National Metal Day was founded by VH1 Classic, a 24-hour music network. It was first observed on November 11, 2011. National Metal Day is named after the mockumentary film This is Spinal Tap. It is celebrated on November 11, because it is the eleventh of the eleventh months of the year (11/11/11).

This is Spinal Tap is certain that Eleven is a significant number. The film uses the expression “these go to eleven” to describe Nigel Tufnel, a heavy metal guitarist, who wants an amp to be as loud and loud as possible. Instead of the standard scale of ten, this particular amp goes “to eleven”. It must be louder.

Nigel Tufnel, like most heavy metal artists, believes that louder is always better. If ten is great, then eleven must be amazing and incredible!

This is Spinal Tap. It is the movie that inspired National Metal Day. It is widely considered the most funny rock band movie ever made. Marty de Bergi, a passionate fan of English metal band Spinal Tap, is the story’s protagonist. Rob Reiner plays Marty de Bergi, the film’s director. He went on to make films like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle.

This is Spinal Tap has it all: super-tased, extra-permed hair, tight pants, and mesh shirts. It’s a hilarious mix of absurdity and humour at every turn.

National Metal Day is a day to be celebrated, regardless of whether you are a true metal fan or just enjoy a little bit of satire from 1980s.

People who celebrate National Metal Day should turn it up to 11. These are some ideas to celebrate the day with long hair and loud music:

National Metal Day is the perfect day to see This Is Spinal Tap if you have never seen it before or if it is something you are fond of and want to revisit it. This tongue-in cheek film stars Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, and Christopher Guest. It was released in 1984.

Listening to metal music is one of the best ways to celebrate National Metal Day. You might consider joining some of the classic metal bands, such as those that have been around for a while, and listening to songs like these.

This is the perfect time for serious metalheads to host a party that features metal music and banging heads! For those who view the day more ironically, National Metal Day can also be enjoyed in a funny and satirical way.

Invite your guests to wear their 80s-inspired outfits. Make sure you play metal music at the party. You might also arrange to see This Is Spinal Tap as entertainment. You can also enjoy fun-themed snacks like rock candy, cookies in the form of skulls or crossbones, as well as Rolling Rock beer.

Metalheads who love metal might take National Metal Day to enjoy a concert by one of their favorite bands. Judas Priest is still touring, for instance. You might also want to check out these other bands:


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