National Middle Child Day

National Middle Child Day

It’s not a good idea to be the middle child, let’s face it. There is an older sibling that you must live up to, and there is a younger sibling who takes all the attention. You are left without a clear role. The ‘Middle Child Syndrome,’ a well-known concept, is thought to have an impact on personality traits.

You are the middle child and you can’t be the leader. You are also not the baby of your family so you don’t have the same protection. You are not allowed to behave badly. You might feel like nothing is going your way.

Well, no longer. Middle Child’s Day is a day for those children who are not the first-born nor the last-born. Finally, a day when you are treated with love and attention, even if it is at the expense of other siblings.

(If your parents are still aware …)


Dec 08 2024


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