National Miners’ Day

National Miners’ Day

These men and women are the unsung heroes of modern industry and modern civilisation. They go into the most remote areas of the earth to find the riches that will sustain us. Everything we have today, from our cars and our internet, is possible because of their hard work. As more information became available about the nature and processing of ores, mines started to appear around the globe. In ancient times, bronze and iron were used to plough the ground, fight wars and build magnificent edifices. The President of the Miners’ Day Memory Association of West Virginia (MDMAWV), Roy Lee Cooke, created National Miners’ Day in 2009. This resolution was passed by the United States Senate in 2009. You have a fancy phone, a luxury car, and even a stove because of the hard work of these miners. You can visit mines around the globe to get a better understanding of what they do and the dangers involved. You can stop by to thank them and maybe even bring some coffee to keep them going. You have the chance to appreciate everything you have on Miners’ Day.


Jun 12 2024


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