National Moldy Cheese Day

National Moldy Cheese Day

National Moldy Cheese Day will bring you amazing gastronomic delights. Although the origins of this fascinating festival are a mystery, it is a time when moldy cheese should be valued and treasured in all its forms.

If you are a tidy person, it might be worth searching your fridge for any forgotten cheeses. These can provide the basis for interesting science projects or prompting a thorough clean-up. You might also want to take a look at the various types of cheese that have been intentionally exposed to mold to enhance their flavor and attractive appearance.

National Moldy Cheese Day allows you to bring Stilton sandwiches to work or to make cheese-on–toast with delicious Gorgonzola. Moldy Cheese Parties are a popular choice. Each guest must bring a dish of cheese to share, and there is also the chance to enjoy some cheese-themed party games.


Sep 10 2024


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