National Moonshine Day

National Moonshine Day

Moonshine, a powerful and rich distillation, has a complex political history. The delicious flavor of this most famous alcoholic beverage is not complicated. It is no longer illegal to produce moonshine. There are many producers and delicious flavors that are making it available to everyone. National Moonshine Day celebrates its history and its return to market.

Moonshine’s history really starts with its word. It’s a descriptive term that conjures up everything, from secreted copper stills on the Appalachian hillsides to faerie-dappled hills. But where did it come from? It turns out that the most likely source is Wiltshire County, England. This county once had smuggling among its most important industries.

Moonrakers were involved in smuggling Brandy and kept it in one bag at the bottom a village pond. Two customs officers stopped them to inquire about their business late one night as they tried to retrieve the Brandy. They quickly thought fast and replied that they were trying retrieve a round cheese (The Moon being made from it). The customs officers found them easy to understand. The term “Moonrakers” was born.

This story is believed to have inspired the term Moonshine. What is Moonshine, you ask? Moonshine, a white whiskey made from corn distillation, is thought to have been popular in the Appalachian Mountains because of the difficulty in moving corn. Moonshine’s base ingredients are a mixture of barley, corn, and rye. This creates a rich and delicious blend.

National Moonshine Day can be celebrated by going to your local liquor shop and trying this delicious drink. There are many flavors available, including apple pie, which is our personal favorite. This is a drink that should be enjoyed and treated with respect due to its 100 proof nature. Proofing is the term used to describe moonshine’s nearly 50% alcohol content, which is enough alcohol to cause a serious reaction. You don’t need to drink it. Apple Moonshine Glazed Pork chops is a delicious way to enjoy it without having to drink it.


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