National Mother Goose Day

National Mother Goose Day

Every generation has been exposed to fairy tales from all corners of the globe, from Disney’s tellings of famous storytellers to our grandparents or parents reading us stories from the Brother‚Äôs Grimm. There are many storytellers, but one stands out. She is the name of almost all fairy-tales. National Mother Goose Day is a reminder of this important storyteller, as well as the vital role she and other storytellers played during our youth.

Mother Goose and fairy tales also play a fundamental role in introducing young children to reading. It was decided that fairy tales were essential for our reading development that it took a day to create awareness and encourage reading in preschool settings through nursery rhymes and stories.

These stories have played an important role in our lives. They introduced fantasy concepts and challenged us to do better. They challenged us to think about the moral consequences of our actions, and encouraged us to be kind. Nursery Rhymes combined words and pictures to show us that rhymes can work magic. National Mother Goose Day is a reminder of the magic and lessons these stories have taught us.

Charles Perrault is thought to have created the fairy tale genre. In 1695, Perrault published his first collection of fairy stories. His publication is the first official start point for Mother Goose stories. His English collection was only published in 1729. These fairy tales introduced Cinderella and Puss in Boots as well as Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty.

Mother Goose’s Melody was first published in 1781. This book contains poems for children. This book has been enjoyed by billions of people, both children and adults. National Mother Goose Day was established in 1987. Gloria T. Delamar was the creator of the National Mother Goose Day. She also published her book. This was “Mother Goose: From Nursery to Literature.”

It is easy to celebrate National Mother Goose Day by simply taking some time to visit Nostalgia Rd and reading old nursery rhymes. But that’s only the beginning! Ask your children about their favorite nursery rhymes if you want to really get in the spirit of the celebration. Before your children go to bed, read to them, your grandchildren, and your neighbors! Are you a grandparent or child in school?

You can help them to incorporate Mother Goose into their curriculum by working with their instructors. You can even help your students to see Mother Goose if you are an instructor! You can use photocopy coloring pages to share stories or teach word lessons. Have your children read together, or write their own stories, using photocopy coloring book pages.

Here are some fun activities that you and your child can do on National Mother Goose Day…


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