National Mother-in-Law Day

National Mother-in-Law Day

They are the bane of our existence, and the constant nagging voice at our backs. There are many jokes about them. Literally, they can be found in the back seat or living in your living room. Or even in the house you share with your mother-in law.

We know they aren’t always our favourite people and often are the reason we don’t want a marriage. Mother-in-Law Day celebrates everything that is good about them. If we have the time, I’m sure we could think of something.

Since… well, depending on your point of view, since shortly after Eden and the second marriage. (One must assume that Adam and Eve had an implicit relationship). Another angle is that the mother of the one neanderthal argued with the other about not having enough game. Ugg, on the other hand, brought in a mammoth this season.

Mother-in-Law are often the enemy of your relationship. They can cause more problems than just a loving letter from an old flame. They can be a great support and champion in difficult times.

It’s not surprising that they are so mixed up. Parents want the best for their children and it’s difficult to imagine anyone being enough for your little girl or boy.

Begin by calling your mother-in law and asking her how she is doing. Mother-In-Law Day involves getting in the lion’s face and admitting that they’re not all bad. If they are, you can let them know how awful they really are.

Don’t underestimate the importance of roasting, especially if you have a mother-in law who doesn’t like or knows that sometimes it’s best to let them work it out.

If you are blessed with a mother-in-law who is a great friend, make sure you spend time telling her how you love her. This is good advice, even if she makes you feel a bit annoyed. Mother-In-Law Day can sometimes be about making your partner’s life easier and appeasing the great villain.


Oct 23 2024


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