National Music in Our Schools Month

National Music in Our Schools Month

The National Association for Music Education has officially designated March as Music In Our Schools Month (r) by the National Association for Music Education. This is the time of the year when music education becomes the main focus of schools all over the country.

MIOSM started as a single celebration across the state in 1973. It has expanded over time to include a day, a week and, in 1985, a month-long celebration of school music. MIOSM’s purpose is to bring awareness to the importance of music education and remind citizens that all children should have access music at school. MIOSM allows music teachers to showcase the many benefits school music has for students of all ages to the school and community.

Each year, the celebration grows, reaching more musicians, teachers, students, and supporters of music. MIOSM is celebrated in schools and communities across the country as well as overseas with performances and other activities that are based on the theme of the year. The public can see the results and processes of music education in classrooms, concert halls and civic buildings as well as clubs, parks and libraries.

New York’s first Music In Our Schools Day was celebrated on March 14, 1973. According to Music Educators Journal’s November 1973 issue, the New York State of Education Department’s Bureau of Music Education and the New York City Board of Education‚Äôs Music Bureau, the first MIOSD was sponsored by the New York State Council of Administrators of Music Education.

New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller recognized MIOSD by issuing a proclamation in which he stated that “This observance was designed to bring about more genuine recognition in New York State for the vital role of music in education.” . . . Music has a powerful aesthetic force. Music brings joy and spirit into every person’s life. It elevates the realm of feeling, combining intellect and emotion to seek a humane way for living. It builds international and racial ties.

It also stated that New York should recognize music as an integral part of learning. This important art form must be supported and encouraged. As it becomes more integrated into education’s core, it can become a powerful channel to every child’s innermost feelings, reactions, and thoughts.


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