National Mustard Day

National Mustard Day

Is it possible to find out which condiment is the subject of its own celebration? It’s National Mustard Day!

Jill Sengstock, a random person in 1988, created National Mustard Day. The National Mustard Museum was established in 1991. It took only a few more years for the day to change hands. The purpose of the day is quite obvious: to honor and celebrate one of the most beloved condiments in the world!

This day allows you to express your love for English Mustard, Dijon, and all other varieties of this favorite condiment.

Mustard is thought to be more than 5000 years old. Some believe it originated in India in 3000 BC, when it was first grown. Others believe it originated in Ancient Egypt, and was then transferred to Greece, where it was then passed on to the Romans.

It was then brought to Britain by the Romans. It is believed that they were the first to use it in condiments and pickling spices during the Roman Empire. The British were the first to use mustard as a condiment.

The Romans brought mustard to Britain. Monks in Northern France also took it with them. It is believed that mustard got its name from “Mosto,” a grape wine made with mustard seeds.

Preparated mustard was closer to what we know today in the 13th century. Pope John XXII made it a popular condiment and created a job for his nephew, the “Grand Mustard Maker to the Pope”.

Yellow mustard, which is what most Americans use to top their hot dogs with, was introduced in 1904. It was either introduced in Rochester, New York or at the St. Louis World’s Fair, according to some. It became extremely popular after that!

It is a day that most people celebrate. (Pun intended).

National Mustard Day celebrations can take place at any location. This day is full of fun and delicious food, as well as many other activities.

Although mustard may not be something many people are familiar with, it is a culinary delight that comes in many flavors and varieties. These are some of the best:

The addition of mustard to your culinary repertoire can open up a world of new flavor possibilities that will please the palate. These are some of the interesting recipes you can make in celebration of National Mustard Day.

The Mustard Museum is located in Middletown in Wisconsin. It houses the largest collection of mustard memorabilia. When the founder of the museum opened it, it became one of the state’s most popular attractions. It has even been featured on Jeopardy and Oprah Winfrey among many other television programs.

The admission is free, though they accept donations. Anyone can see more than 6000 mustards from all 50 States and over 70 other countries.

The museum hosts a family festival on National Mustard Day that features special sampling, entertainment, and games. You can even paint mustard with your finger! A museum about Mustard is just as popular as a Mustard day!

Oskar Blue in the United States and French’s Mustard USA teamed up to create Mustard Beer. The beer has a pungent aroma and notes of coriander and citrus, along with a slight hint of mustard. Although it seemed odd, many people liked this pale ale.

Although the batch was only made for National Mustard Day 2020, there is always the possibility of the two companies partnering up to bring it back!

National Mustard Day is here! Celebrate and enjoy the spice that it brings!


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