National Nacho Day

National Nacho Day

As if we need an excuse to eat more of this culinary delight! November 6th is (one of our favourites) National Nacho Day!

Its hard to imagine a world without Nachos but prior to 1943 the crunchy and tasty snacks were non existent. Thanks to a late night visit to a restaurant in a Mexican border town from a group of soldiers wives and an absent chef, a worker created the dish by cutting up pieces of tortilla and serving them with cheese- and Nachos Especiales were born!

Popularity of the dish grew locally, and eventually the creator established his own restaurant serving different versions of the snack. The dish became a firm favourite in the 1970’s and 1980’s when they began being served at the Arlington Stadium, then home to the Texas Rangers. And the rest is history!

Nacho creator Ignacio Anaya died in 1975, and a plaque was installed in the town where he had first served them with International Day of the Nacho planned for October 21st. National Nacho Day takes place in the USA on November 6th.

So go on, treat yourself. Find some classic recipes on the internet and post photos on social media using #NationalNachosDay



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