National Native American Heritage Month

National Native American Heritage Month

New people have moved from their origins to inhabit land once owned by others in countries around the globe. Although we now call the Americas “the New World”, its culture and history were not new when Europeans discovered it.

Their relations with their new neighbors, who quickly made themselves unwelcomed, were tenuous and then turbulent until the culture of the nation’s first inhabitants was almost forgotten. National Native American Heritage Month celebrates those who have remained and serves to remind us that this culture is not dead. It’s still breathing in the descendants.

The history of National Native American Heritage Month is surprisingly long, even considering the many centuries of European rule over the New World. Red Fox James, a Native American from the Blackfoot tribe, was the first to suspect that such a day might come about in 1915. He rode a horse from one state to another to seek approval from 24 different state governments to commemorate the “American Indian”. He presented it to President Obama in December, but apparently with no success.

George H. W. Bush was the one who made it official to push for a joint resolution making November 1990 the first National Native American Heritage Month. Since 1994, multiple proclamations have been issued. Since 1994, cultural sites, museums, native tribal councils, and other institutions have held events to showcase their rich culture and history, so it can be shared with the younger generation and help them thrive.

National Native American Heritage Month is about taking time to appreciate the many cultures that existed before America became the global power it is today. Although there are many tribes in America, most Americans are only able to name a handful. Even fewer are featured in the media. National Native American Heritage Month offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about your own history and find out which tribes called the area you currently live in.

Next, find out about the local tribes near you and what activities they offer as part of National Native American Heritage Month. To honor this culture, visit, learn, then take it all in.


Nov 01 - 30 2024


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