National Nest Box Week

National Nest Box Week

Nothing is more magical than hearing birds sing and seeing them fly. The decrease in bird nesting sites and human activity has led to a decline in their ability to do so.

National Nest Box Week offers people an opportunity to help in conservation efforts while enjoying peaceful bird watching.

National Nest Box Week was established in 1997 by British Trust for Ornithology. This research institute tracks changes in bird populations and informs the public about them to help shape environmental policies.

National Nest Box Week is a week of bird-watching volunteers that has over 40,000 members. It encourages people and organizations to be more attentive to local nesting birds and encourages them to set up nest boxes to help conserve breeding birds.

National Nest Box Week is a week to inform people about the rapid decline of natural places such as trees or abandoned buildings that birds use for shelter.

BTO’s efforts are focused on determining what is causing changes in bird activity. This includes their migration patterns, locations and how weather will affect the bird’s food supply.

BTO reports that many birds have bred faster due to increased landscaping and property restoration. They are now laying 30 days earlier than they were in the 1960s. Over 6 million nest boxes were placed in gardens across the United Kingdom as a result of National Nest Box Week.

National Nest Box Week offers people an opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of birds. It helps people pay more attention to the natural world around them, and gives them the chance to help the environment.

National Nest Box Week celebrates birds. The British Trust for Ornithology created a guide to help people choose the right type of nest box for their birds.

The first step in observing birds is to build and install nest boxes. This holiday is celebrated by looking around at the birds and observing how they interact with the environment. Take a look at the different plants to see which factors birds consider when building their nests.

To encourage others to join you can share this holiday via social media with the hashtag #NestBoxWeek.


Feb 14 - 21 2025


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