National Newspaper Carrier Day

National Newspaper Carrier Day

Newspaper carriers have existed since the inception of the newspaper. The newspaper carriers are the brave souls who bring out the most current news and use all manner of methods to do so. National Newspaper Carrier Day honors them and shares their devotion with the world, whether they are carrying a bag of daily news to the streets or standing on the street with a bag full of it.

National Newspaper Carrier Day was established to recognize the efforts of the Museum of the City of New York’s first newsboy in the United States. Blarney Flaherty, a 10-year-old boy, first took his papers to the newspaper rack in 1833. He was responding to an advertisement in The Sun that stated that only “steady men could apply”. Benjamin Day decided Flaherty was the right man for the job, and soon thereafter his cries of “Paper!” were heard across the streets. You can hear the Big Apple’s first call for paper: “Get your paper!” 180 years later, National Newspaper Carrier Day honors those brave souls who followed his lead.

It is amazing to consider all the people who were able to be lifted by this profession as young boys. The newest generation newspaper carriers is no exception. James Cagney and Albert Einstein, as well as Isaac Asimov, Martin Luther King Jr., all got their start in life carrying local papers. This is still a job that many young people will take on in their first years of life. They use their bikes to transport the paper to their neighbors. A Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame was established in 1960 to honor some of the most prominent newspaper carriers of all time, such as John Wayne and Warren buffer.

To celebrate National Newspaper Carrier Day, you should thank your newspaper carrier. You can thank your newspaper carrier by giving them a cup of coffee to warm their hearts and keep them going about their day, or by leaving a tip. This boys and girls, both men and women, have been enduring the bitter cold of winter and the heat of summer to bring you the daily updates. Show them that you care by showing them how much you love them.


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