National No Beard Day

National No Beard Day

Recently, there has been a strong push to go back to the days of beards being a strong sign of masculinity. National No Beard Day is a bold countermovement. It aims to persuade men to get rid of their furry faces and return to baby-soft skin. Some people feel that this is worse than pure heresy, but National No Beard Day supporters believe that a clean face can be beautiful.

One strong argument for National No Beard Day is its location before “Movember”, when men are encouraged and encouraged to grow an outstanding moustache in honor of the month. This holiday may have been created to help Movember’s ‘contestants” get a new start.

Most likely, this is a result of razor companies trying take advantage of Movember’s otherwise expensive prices. National No Beard Day encourages people to get out there and remove the face mop they have been wearing for the rest of the year.

The best way to celebrate National No Beard Day? To clean out your mug and uncover the adorable baby face beneath it. Boyish charm is very popular in recent years. Perhaps it’s time for you to discover if you still have the ability to rock your bare face or remind yourself why you had a beard.

A group of friends can get together and have a “shave off” day. Sometimes, it’s easier for friends to try a new look. Get all your beardies together, and make their wives or husbands squeamish by getting rid of the old face rug.

Do you want it to be posh? If you don’t know anyone who does hot shavings, this is the perfect excuse to go to one. It may be the perfect excuse to celebrate National No Beard Day each year, we promise.


Oct 18 2024


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