National No Excuses Day

National No Excuses Day

“I must wash my hair.”

“I have a headache.”

“My pet fish is stressed and needs me to stay at home.

These things can sometimes be true, but they are often just excuses to keep people from being alone and isolated.

You can forget about all the excuses and get out there with your friends or family to have some great times. It’s National No Excuses Day!

National No Excuses Day was founded by SCENE Canada, a Canadian organization that promotes social interaction. Don’t let your worries control you. Get out of your house and socialize. No Excuses Day, which is not a day to stay home, is the perfect time to get out with friends and enjoy a movie, dinner out, live music, or just hang out.

SCENE conducted surveys that showed that nearly 90% of respondents had made excuses for not attending social events with their friends and family. A poll by SCENE also revealed that 75% of respondents believed that social interaction is healthy and beneficial for their well-being. However, they also stated that the majority of people don’t get enough face-to-face time.

It turns out that Millennials are the most common age group to make excuses for not going out. The most common excuse is “I’m too tired.” “I’m too tired.”

If someone has invited you to National No Excuses Day then it is time to say yes. What if nobody has yet made the first move? This is no excuse! It’s fine to initiate social events. It’s also easy to remind them of National No Excuses Day if they refuse.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to celebrate National No Excuses Day. These are some ideas to celebrate the day.

Get together with your friends for coffee or cocktails. Invite a colleague to join you for a drink after work. You can also go out dancing to see who you meet! National No Excuses Day’s game is to simply enjoy being around people.

These are the most ridiculous excuses people have used to avoid doing things they don’t want to:


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